About Us

  The company was started back in mid 2008 where we only provide web design as well as hosting services initially.  Shortly after that, we’ve received request to help develop softwares for Human Resource, Blood Donations, as well as Point of Sales system.

Staying through the night to ensure launching of programs are all up and running perfectly

Early 2012, we began to expand our business by selling PCs and especially Mobile Phones as we saw a huge market not for the devices but applications instead.  By mid 2013, after reacquiring new skills we ventured into mobile applications till this day.  We’ve been hired to develop Android, IOS as well as Windows Mobile phones.

Training End Users

  In 2017, the company moved to another area where we were asked to help give out trainings to end users.  So far the courses we’ve tasked to carry out were Office Products such as Open Office, Microsoft Office as well as WPS.  We’ve also conducted courses for Linux OS, GIMP as well as E-Commerce.

  As for years to come, we will continue to equip ourselves with new skills to meet todays’ trend.  Keeping to our company’s motto, Trendy.Trustworthy.Efficient.  We will strive our best to meet your needs.